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LIVE from Hagerstown

02/14/2011, 3:57pm EST
By DVCHC Women's Hockey

Can't Make It To Playoffs? Follow the Action Online!

You're trapped under something heavy? 
Jettisoned into space? 
You're a bear and Febraury is sleepy time?

Oh noes!  If you're missing this weekend's Women's Championship it must be one of the three.  You have our sympathy.. and help:

(or space) 

This website will be LIVEscoring all games, right from Hagerstown.  Check here at game time to see a constantly updated stream of shots, saves, goals and more.  

Beyond the live updates, a number of photos and videos will be posted from the rink. 

Finally, the DI Spikes Championship game will be broadcast live on HerbFM's streaming radio -- tune in on your computer!

We're sorry to hear you'll miss the sign waving, glass pounding, fan skating, DJ bumpin, "let's do this favorite team" yellin fun.  We hope you'll support us online (thanks!) and wish you all the best with the boulder / being a bear / infinite vacuum of space, thing.  :)


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