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2020 All-Star & New-Star Games

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS -- Sunday, March 1, 2020

all star lineups 2019
full group shot of all stars and new stars


* Art supply donation for Caitlin's Smiles 

* You, your family, hockey fans! 


We are excited to return to Hershey's Giant Center!  


  • Giant Center is located at: 550 Hersheypark Drive, Hershey, PA 17033
  • You must park in LOT F. To access this lot, you will follow a very round about way around the Arena to get there. Just go with it. 
  • Players will use Entrance #5, and all other attendees and fans must use the Main Entrance.
  • You can unload cars at Entrance #5, but must move cars from there to Lot F


What it's all about

Of our long list of talented young women, these players are some of the best in the mid-Atlantic and they're here to dazzle!  From the lower-level you'll see what hockey's meant to be: fun & exciting. Come cheer for WHITE or BLUE!


Hundreds of young women have learned hockey for the 1st time, here in the DVCHC. Their dedication and "trial by fire" athleticism is a part of what makes our college division so special. Our New Star game will feature some of these core players, who each had the guts to learn this difficult game in college. Help cheer them on pro ice!


Since October, teams have been fighting for a shot at the title. Now, those squads come together to celebrate and recognize the best across benches.

The on ice Awards Ceremony will be a chance to recognize players, hear some great stories of dedication & hoist some banners!


These players are their team's best of the best. Whether a scoring leader on the ice, or a leader off the ice, we welcome the 2020 All Stars to compete in this year's event!

WHITE (Jordan’s Gems)

New Stars - White

2 – Slippery Rock, Katie Irvine

3  – Slippery Rock, Paige Coon

5  – West Chester, Brittany Mulholland

6  – West Chester, Clarinda McFadden

7  – George Mason, Meaghan Gruber 

8  – George Mason, Rachel Quinn 

9  – George Mason, Chloe Pignano 

10  – Towson, Maressa Rudderforth

11  – Towson, Diana Crofoot

17 (G) – UVA, Katherine Sabo

All Stars - White

2 – Lafayette, Genevieve McClean

4 – Lafayette, Layla Ennis

5 – Slippery Rock, Taylor Bright

6 – Slippery Rock, Maura Ruprecht

7 – Towson, Sarah Syme

8 – Towson, Kaylah Dailey

9 – West Virginia, Samantha Miller

10 – West Virginia, Ashley Osborne

16 (G) – Rowan, Emily Render

17 (G) – George Mason, Lara Garrity

ALL STAR - BLUE (Team Smiles)

New Stars - Blue

3  – Slippery Rock, Libby Swisher

6  – Slippery Rock, Lexi Waltz

7  – UVA, Katherine Hennessey

8  – West Virginia, Chloe Chipman

9  – West Virginia, Julia Hillman

10  – Saint Joe’s, Leslie Quan

11  – Saint Joe’s, Sydney Schreiber

16 (G) – Saint Joe's, Kate Engel

17 (G) – Montclair, Amber Astalos

All Stars - Blue

2 – Rowan, Gia Caruso

3 – Rowan, Cassie Gravelle

6 - Rowan, Erin Campbell

7 – George Mason, Caroline Morrow

8 – George Mason, Emilia Grove

9 – Saint Joe's, Jordan Finkelstein

10 – Saint Joe's, Clara Tomann

11 – West Chester, Cheyenne Carlo

12 – West Chester, Jasmine Martinez

13 – West Chester, Jada McBride

16 (G) – Lafayette, Maria Giambruno-Fuge