"While I have only had 1 semester on the ice - I'm hooked.  This spring I took a chance trading my worn figure skates for a pair of hockey skates & found a sport I instantly fell in love with.  I'm not great, most of the time I'm not even good, but I'm getting there.  I went from using the boards to stop, to passing the puck, to even taking shots - in only a few practices.  It's the speed of the game that draws me in, the constant exercise which I often don't realize is even happening until the soreness sets in the next day.  While on the ice there is no time to think of the common stressors one faces as a college student, but rather gives the time to breathe easy & release the stress that holds us back. I can't imagine having to revert back to the way I used to live college, because the truth is, as hard as it is to make it to some late night practices (& even harder to get up the following morning), I can't imagine trading it in."