"Being a member of the AU women's ice hockey team has allowed me to not only be a part of a wonderful & amazing team, but also a wonderful & amazing family.  Our close-knit team, made up of a wide variety of characters, is always available to offer support both on & off the ice.  Hockey for me is when I get to relax & remove myself away from all the daily frustrations & stress of school.  All the voices & reminders in my head turn off & all that's left is the sound of the puck zooming across the ice or bouncing off the boards.  AU is one of the only schools in the DC area with a women's ice hockey team & the program is extremely unique.  We have girls playing with a wide variety of experience (from a lot to none), anyone is allowed to join & everyone gets the opportunity to play & we are probably on of the most diverse teams in our league.  A continuation of the hockey program at AU will mean more students will get to explore this awesome sport & kick some ice hockey butt!"