"I started playing ice hockey about 11 years ago.  Ever since I started playing, ice hockey has been a source of so much joy & lasting friendships for me.  When I was looking into which colleges I was interested in attending, I had one baseline criteria - they must have a club hockey team.  I was most interested in club ice hockey because I wanted the fun balance of freedom to study, work & go abroad, but still have the official team aspect & full schedule of school sponsored hockey.  American University's women's ice hockey program provided me with exactly what I had hoped for.  During my time here I enjoyed a competitive level of play, weekly practices & games in the Mid-Atlantic region, awesome, dedicated coaches & created lasting personal friendships with my close-knit team.  However, every year we have faced financial struggles & a threatened discontinuation of the program if we fail to make ends meet.  We receive only minimal funding from the University & are left to pay high dues to play & fundraise the rest.  Ice time (especially in the DC area) is extremely expensive but we want to be able to practice frequently enough to keep up with our competition & adequately train our new players.  Any donation to keep our program alive will be very, very much appreciated!"