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By DVCHC Women's Hockey, 09/07/12, 4:55PM EDT


The 2012-2013 Regular Season Schedule Is Here

This October 6th, in an ice rink 12 miles from the U.S. Capitol building, the DVCHC's 11th season of women's hockey will be launched.

For five months following, a massive regular season of awesome will wind its way to 6 states, through  cities like New York and Philadelphia and college towns like Indiana and Charlottesville. 

An estimated 245 athletes from 15 universities will take part, clashing through 87 games before the final buzzers sound under a new moon on February 10th.

Big goals.  Snap saves.  Gloved high fives.  Heart for hockey. 

The race for the 2013 Spikes Cup will have all the action you need... and might be missing on TV.  (Stupid lockout!) 

Check out our season schedule, mark those calendars and get pumped! 

We can't wait to see you in the stands!


87 shades of yay

87 Shades of Yay

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