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02/15/2013, 2:15pm EST
By DVCHC Women's Hockey

This Weekend the Cup's on the Line, Prepare for Playoffs!




It's do or die time!  The cup is on the line!

The 2013 DVCHC Women's Championship is finally here and woaaah is this weekend set for excitement! 

Check out the info below and get ready to follow along (online or at the rink).  Now's the time to support your ladies. 

We'll see you at the Fairgrounds!



The top 3, nationally-ranked teams in the East will have to get through one another in Delaware.  Prepare for fireworks!

The league's two best goal-scorers (Dobson & Pastucha) will meet when West Chester (12-1-0) faces Slippery Rock (7-6-0) in round one.  While the score was 6-2 in favor of the #1 Rams in a match-up this month, the Rock packs a lethal punch (2nd most goals in the division).  This game could see a lot of shots. 

Cal U (11-2-0) and Delaware (9-3-0), the #2 and #3 teams on the seaboard, face-off in a round one rematch of last weekend's, overtime thriller.  The Blue Hens handed Cal a rare loss with 4 seconds on the clock, but the Vulcans tamed Delaware 4-1 in November.  Saturday will certainly be a thrilling tie-breaker between two deeply talented benches with reliable goaltending.


Though the season has been shaky in the South, the kinks seem to have been worked out in time for the showdown. 

The US Naval Academy (8-4-0) has had a 32 point season out of Abby New and Nicole Breen has given up the fewest goals in the division.  They'll face American, a team left limping by defections but packing a punch that includes Iris Irwin, the DVCHC's 6th best goal-scorer (#1 among D).  This match-up plays to large crowds and close calls.

Maryland (7-6-0) has scored 20 goals in the past two games and won 4 of their last 6.  One of those W's was a 4-2 victory over Villanova (2-10-0) who gets a chance at redemption in their unothodox playoff appearance.  Don't let the record fool you, the Wildcats have a deep bench which has struggled in the North but is above .500 in the South.  This will be one to watch.


The D2 Championship seeks to crown its 6th victor this weekend and the field of competition has never been so close.

UPENN (7-1-0) has had a record season, but was just handed their first loss by #2 IUP.  They may see each other again this weekend.  First the Quakers face their neighbors, Saint Joseph's (0-7-0) who have improved together, scoring all of their goals this semester.  3 of those were against UPENN.

IUP (5-1-0) and Rutgers (4-2-0) have not faced each other this season (thanks Nemo) and this could be the game of the day.  IUP’s defense has allowed only 6 goals, Rutgers is averaging 8 goals a game.  When the two meet in Delaware it could be the immovable rock vs the unstoppable object with everything on the line.


Wide-eyed young skaters and families will meet our league this weekend.  It might be their first introduction to your team or women’s ice hockey.  If you're cheering from the stands or having a conversation in the lobby -- do your group proud.

The rink does not allow outside food.  Luckily, the 'Centre Grill' is the best rink food you’ll ever find.  There is also a zero tolerance policy for alcohol.  If fans can’t live without, the casino & sports pub are a few meters away.  Please respect our hosts at our family-friendly event!

The playoff feel is up to you -- let's pack the rink with signs and supporters!  Can't make it?  Our website will stream most game stats live from Harrington!

You've watched skating all weekend, now's your chance to take to playoff ice.  Join families and players for a 12pm public skate on Sunday.  $7  adults, $6 for children, $3 skate rentals!

Lots of parking, all free, right in front of the rink.


We're here for ya, email away!   Travel safe, tell everyone and get pumped!  See you this weekend!


Ambulances will be on call but teams are the 1st line.  Coaches / Players should err on side of caution if there is even a hint of concussion or other serious injury.  It's ONE hockey game vs. the rest of a life, make the smart decision! 

Who you is?  ALL players must be able to produce a current student ID.  Non-ACHA players should also bring proof of USA Hockey membership.  If you can't be verified as, (1) a qualified DVCHC player (2) someone with USA Hockey coverage, you no play!  No exceptions!

* Bags can be stored overnight.  Centre ice has a large, heated room -- sectioned off by team.
* Skate sharpening / Pro Shop, is available during all games (think it's $8). 

Teams should bring home and away unis to playoffs:

FRIDAY - higher seed wears white
SATURDAY - higher seed wears dark
SUNDAY - higher seed wears white

If teams want to mix it up they can both agree to changes, must be well before the game.

Both socks MUST match these colors.  Refs will be looking for this.


Before Game

* Scoresheets provided in lobby, teams must have them filled out 30 mins prior (BRING YOUR PRINTED ROSTER TO SAVE TIME)
* Mark your starting 6 & write pronunciation for tough last names
* Pucks will be provided.  Teams are responsible for their own water bottles

11 minute start

0:00 - 6:00 = Warm up (starters will be announced during)
6:00 - 7:00 = Helmets off, line up on blue line facing American flag
7:00 - 9:00 = National anthem
9:00 - 11:00 = Helmets on, huddle up

During Game

* 17 min. periods with a 90 second break between
* Ice cut between 2nd and 3rd period
* Coaches (or staffer) are responsible for +/-, give to scorekeeper immediately after game

In the event of a tie:

* 90 second rest followed by a 8 minute, sudden-death, overtime
* Teams play full strength (6-on-6) and do not switch ends
* If still tied a shootout will determine the winner (rules in separate email)

Every team will award their own Playoff MVP, on ice, after their LAST game is played.  Coaches or captains can saw a few words (be prepared) and give someone a game puck, used at playoffs (not fancy… but free).  For 8 teams this will be Saturday, for 4 teams Monday.

Please join fans for the public skate on Sunday, wear your jersey!

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