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11/01/2016, 10:45am EDT
By DVCHC Women's Hockey

3 Free Technologies Are Keeping DVCHC Hockey Fans in the Know

Most hockey fans are used to taping their feet.

Games are recorded on old carbon scoresheets (press hard!) with results entered hours, sometimes days later.  Teams often don't have websites.  Player stats & photos can be non-existent, standings slow to take shape.

Enough already!  You deserve better.

Here in the DVCHC we've built an online presence that is introducing women's college hockey fans to NHL-type features! 

Check out these 3, free DVCHC technologies (say that 3 times fast) & join us here in the fuuuuuuturrrrreee!

Original post:  01/17/2014, 10:45am EST


Stay in the know while on the go!  The SPORTS NGIN APP puts your
team's schedule, roster, standings, etc. a touch away on a phone or tablet!  Follow 1 favorite team for FREE or add unlimited teams for $1.99.  Adjust the settings & be alerted when photos are added, game times are changed, etc.  It's never been easier to be all-knowing!  

See how it looks! --->

(1) Download Sport NGIN app, (2) Select favorite DVCHC team, (3) High-five nearest person.


Slippery Rock has a breakaway but you're trapped in a polar vortex!  Bundle up baby cause this ain't a problem.

Thanks to NGIN LiveStreaming technology, DVCHC fans can follow many games from a computer or mobile device!  A virtual rink updates with goals, penalties, shots -- all streaming live from the game!

Not every team can LiveStream yet (mostly due to rinks that are slow to offer WiFi) but the league requires scorekeepers to be trained in the technology & has a goal of having all games live in 2018.  Every DVCHC playoff game will stream live from Delaware.

The benefit to fans is obvious, but it's also been a help for teams.  Instead of re-entering numbers, the system automatically populates standings, player stats, etc., all as the action is happening!

How did this breakaway turn out...?


Facebook & Twitter are good for cat videos & seeing what friends are eating.  They also provide a direct link to the wonderful world of DVCHC hockey.

By following us on both sites you'll get exclusive stories from around the league & the world of women's hockey.  See what teams are up to AND have the ability to join in on the conversation or contact us directly!

Show your support for our non-profit, be counted as a women's college hockey fan, stay connected, #AHHHJustBeFriendsWithUS!

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