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10/10/2016, 12:45pm EDT
By DVCHC Women's Hockey

The War Between The Skates Has Begun!

150 years ago, states chose North or South in a long & bloody civil war.

This time around -- way more sides, much less moustache.

The DVCHC War Between the Skates is BACK & regional pride is on the line.  Throughout October this friendly feud will allow the women's hockey faithful to support players, be counted as fans & help capture states!

The money from the non-profit conflict provides essential funds to teams & keeps women's college hockey alive in our area -- thanks in advance for soldiering up!

No time for whistlin' Dixie!  Rally 'round your rink & let our brave young women know that reinforcements are on the way! 
<lots of bugling>   CLICK HERE

Last season's results

A Rematch of Rivals

* The Lady Eagles were the big, bad, bosses of ALL categories last season.  Now the crown is up for grabs!  Which team will rule the new FAN EMPIRE?

* The state of Pennsylvania fell to American last season.  Pennsylvania!  Taken over by DC!  IUP, UPENN, Saint Joseph's, Slippery Rock and Villanova, we lookin’ at you!  Can PA team lay claim to the Keystone state this season?

* Last season 128 fans took a stand across 37 states (a new record).  Let’s smash those results and show this year’s players that the party doesn’t start till they walk iiiiiinnnn

* North Dakota and Alaska reported DVCHC fans last season, as did Utah and Iowa.  What new states will join "the union" this time around?

* Last season the state of Maryland boasted the most women's ice hockey fans with 13!  Only FIVE women's hockey fans were counted in NJ and SIX in NY.  Cam'aaaan tri-state!  Rowan, Rutgers and Columbia fans, time to shine!

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