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11/20/2014, 6:00pm EST
By DVCHC Women's Hockey

East Coast Tourney Part of 15 Game Weekend

If you've been following the season, or if you're just a hockey fan, this weekend is one you won't want to miss!  FIFTEEN women's games across 3 days and a 1st ever EAST COAST CHAMPION title on the line!

Let's catch you up...

The Show...

The EAST COAST SHOWDOWN has grown into one of the mid-Atlantic's largest college hockey tournaments.  There's a lot to like.  Men's & women's college hockey, high school showcases, bars and restaurants with views of the action -- it's going to be a great show.

Each & every moment of Showdown is an important opportunity to move ahead. Teams earn 2 points for a win (3 for a shutout) but, importantly, 1 point for every period won (.5 points for a tie). If a squad plays strong, they could walk away with 5 or 6 points. Struggle, and the losing team could rack up numbers, even in the loss.  The team with the most total points will take the 1st women's crown.

The North...

There haven't been many D1 games north of the wall, so speculation abounds.  At least one thing is clear - the champion Tigers would like to keep their cup.  At 5-0-0, Towson is averaging almost 8 goals per game behind Kaila Frazier (+18, 3.4 PPG) and dangerous defensemen Brynja Bogan (9 goals, +19).  This weekend they'll face D2's powerful Phoenix but not before meeting two teams who could dent their division lead: Villanova & Rutgers.

Villanova has been enjoying a powerful renaissance in 2014, anchored by star Jacqueline Denning & 8 more goal scorers.  The team finds the net & don't ever count them out.  SRU beat Villanova 13-4 but the cats came back, the very next day (winning 7-4).  Towson won 8-1 last week, another chance for Villanova vengeance?  Watch for them in games vs old rivals, UVA and American as well.

Rutgers gets a second crack at Towson this weekend, but their other two games might take the cake: a match vs Rowan (a NJ off!) and football rival U. Maryland.  The Knights are limping with a short bench & an injured goalie, but the remaining talent can speak for itself.

UPENN and Loyola won't be at the Showdown but WILL be playing a historic 1st home and home.  Should make for some great hockey between two, new rivals.  Both have struggled to find a win in the division, but that won't last long.  Someone's going to earn a W, and this weekend should be a close one.

The South...

Virginia and Maryland will represent the South at the showdown, only fitting that the two start off against one another.

With a 5-3 record, the Terps have been shining bright.  Now that they've locked up a trip to the post-season, UVA is their final opponent in division.  They'll need both games (and for Navy to slip) to grab the division title.  The Hoos of Virginia (2-3-1) are also favored for a trip to playoffs but they'll face two tough opponents, Maryland and Navy, for the rest of their points this season.

After their match-up, the two will show their stuff across DVCHC borders. Maryland will take on the Phoenix, one of D2's most talented teams, as well as big 10 rival, Rutgers from D1 North.  The Hoos of UVA will tussle with Villanova and Rowan, could be one of the best games to watch.


Division Dos...

American plays 2 division games at the Showdown, both vs top teams: NJP & Rowan.  Major injuries have left the Lady Eagles short-benched (as in 0-1 subs) with a player in net, but they've got heart.  Both AU and IUP are winless in 6 games, on target to miss the playoffs unless Columbia falters badly.

The North Jersey Phoenix and Rowan teams have been phenoms this season in D2.  Each have 5 wins and 64 goals between them with only 13 against.  This weekend they'll get to test their talent against the upper division.  Maryland & Towson for the Phoenix, Virginia & Rutgers for Rowan.  They're ready.  Watch for these games to be quick paced.

The last time Columbia and SJU met there were 20 mins of penalties and the 1st place Hawks squeaked past, 4-2.  The Sunday rematch is guaranteed to be an exciting measure for two teams who have each shown the strongest season in their DVCHC history.


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