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The Road To Hagerstown...

By DVCHC Women's Hockey, 01/28/11, 1:01AM EST


Counting Down to this Year's Women's Championship!

21 games.  3 weekends. 

After that...
Hagerstown turns HOCKEYtown!

On February 18th, the most competitive season in nine years of DVCHC hockey rolls into Maryland for one dramatic conclusion. 

The Women's Championship will feature a whopping 10 universities in two divisions, battling for the year's bragging rights and the impressive hardware that comes with.  (Just look at that cup!)

Last year, two 5th-seed underdogs won the weekend and HALF of the games came down to one final goal -- including both championship match-ups (one in overtime).

For excitement like this you better get your "x's" and "o's" in order!  Start prepping for post-season on our playoff website.  It includes a "Fan Land" with interactive fun, discount hotels and the latest seeding.

UVA Captains hoist the Spikes Cup in 2010. Who will claim the prize in 2011?

10 Reasons to Join Us in Hockeytown, MD:

10.  Admission is FREE! is good.  ...very good.
  9.  Learning "sick moves" at Skate with Players events.
  8.  Perfect excuse to sport a playoff beard. 
  7.  History, outlet shopping, restaurants, $55 a night?  Boom.
  6.  Family friendly.  Have kids meet and greet!
  5.  Snack shop hot chocolate, best enjoyed by the gallon.
  4.  Signs, chants and costumes with one fun crowd!
  3.  Bumpin' tunes that include your web requests!  You DJ you. 
  2.  Ten college teams and a ton of games.  Winner is you.
  1.  Two words:  Playoff hockey.

We'll see you there!

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