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04/15/2011, 12:27pm EDT
By DVCHC Women's Hockey

Stand & Be Counted for YOUR Team In the War Between the States

150 years ago this week, America's North and South began a long & bloody civil war.  

This time around -- way more sides,
much less moustache.  
The DVCHC War Between the States is underway!  For 30 days this friendly fan feud will allow the women's hockey faithful (you) to directly support players, be counted as a fan and help capture states!

No time to whistle Dixie, rally 'round your rink and let our young women know that reinforcements are on the way! 

Check out our battle map:

* Which of our 7 Pennsylvania schools will claim the state?

* Will state schools in MD, VA, DE or NJ fall into enemy hands? 

* Where do most DVCHC fans / families come from?

* How many fans can we get to show love?

* Can we expect another Naval blockade?



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