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2019 All-Star & New-Star Games

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS -- Saturday, April 13, 2019

The 2019 All Star Rosters are below - Congrats to these players for being named their team's All Stars!

ALL STAR - WHITE (Jordan’s Gems)

2 - Hope McGivney - Montclair (F)

3 - Isabella Sericolo - Maryland (F)

4 - Sarah Jane Graham - Villanova (F)

5 - Erin Dougherty - SJU (F)

6 - Grace Kane - IUP (F)

(NS) – Lindsay Devlin - SJU (F)

(NS) – Emily Fields - Montclair (F)

(NS) – Hannah Greaves - Lafayette (F)

(NS) - Maeve Boyle - Lafayette (F)

7 - Danielle Felicioli - Rowan (D)

8 - Sarah Choate - Villanova (D)

9 - Kelly Townsend - UVA (D)

10 - Jordan Finkelstein - SJU (D)

11 - Taylor Bright - SRU (D)

12 – Brenna Moore – SRU (D)

13 –  Sophie Shore - UPENN (NS - G)

16 - Emily Render - Rowan (G)

ALL STAR - BLUE (Team Smiles)

2 - Laura Lima - Rowan (F)

3 - Paula Bush - Montclair (F)

6 - Angeline King - Maryland (F)

7 - Chelsea Catlin - Lafayette (F)

8 - Laura Zheng - Maryland (F)

9 - Clara Tomann - SJU (F)

(NS) – Eve Phelps - UPENN (F)

(NS) – Brooke Bossong - SRU (F)

(NS) – Paige Coon - SRU (F)

10 - Amanda Grisanti - Lafayette (D)

11 - Marlisa Falduto - Montclair (D)

12 - Grace Roberto - Villanova (D)

(NS) – Trisha Pipchok - SRU (D)

13 - Susie Adams - IUP (NS - G)

15 - Maria Giambruno-Fuge - Lafayette (G)

16 - Liz DiFilippo - SJU (G)



We are excited to return to Hershey's Giant Center!  

Park for free & pick up your reserved tickets at the front gate.  
Follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS for arrival.

Rock with our DJ as you pick your lower-level seats!

Concessions stand will be open inside the building if you get hungry!


* Art supply donation for Caitlin's Smiles 

* Cash or check and photo ID for tickets

* You, your family, hockey fans!  Oh and long sleeves.  Hey, it's an ice rink.


This year, we will have a combined All Star/New Star game! The game will be three, 20 minute periods.

Hundreds of young women have learned hockey for the 1st time, here in the DVCHC. Their dedication and "trial by fire" athleticism is a part of what makes our college division so special. Our All Star game will feature some of these core players, who will be repping their team's home or away jerseys on their All Star team. Each had the guts to learn this difficult game in college, help cheer them on pro ice!

Of our long list of talented young women, the All Star players are some of the best in the mid-Atlantic and they're here to dazzle!  From the lower-level you'll see what hockey's meant to be: fun & exciting. Come cheer for WHITE or BLUE!


Since October 2018, teams have been fighting for a shot at the title. Now, those squads come together to celebrate and recognize the best across benches.

The Awards Ceremony will be a chance to recognize players, hear some great stories of dedication & hoist some banners!

4:45pm -- COACHES DEATH BOWL 2019

This 25 min bloodbath pits loyal coaches & team presidents in a nightmarish fight to the finish.  ...or it's a fun game between the leaders who volunteered to make the season happen. One or the other. Maybe both. Players do the coaching so great ready for some fun, and some pay-back.  Bend those knees!


If you like hockey, you like the Bears.  Playing Calder Cup quality puck here in PA, these future Caps are talented and fun to watch.  Grab our discounted seats for the lower or upper level, both FEEL like expensive seats at an NHL game.

Other Attractions:

Hershey's Chocolate World is open to the public during All-Star!  Don't miss out!