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2020 DVCHC Women's Frozen Fair

February 14-16, 2020
Centre Ice at the Delaware Fairgrounds


Join us for the 2020 DVCHC Women's Frozen Fair! Six D2 teams and four D3 teams will square off to determine a champion in each division!

Admission is free, but we will be accepting arts and crafts donations for Caitlin's Smiles.

Playoff Weekend Game Schedule, Centre Ice Rink at The Delaware State Fair

Friday, Feb. 14:

D2 - N2 vs S3 @ 5:45pm

D2 - S2 vs N3 @ 9:40pm


Saturday, Feb. 15:

D3 - 1st vs 4th @ 9:45am

D2 - Consolation game (5th place) @ 1:40pm

D2 - Higher 1 seed vs lower seed coming out of Friday @ 3:40pm

D2 - Lower 1 seed vs higher seed coming out of Friday @ 5:40pm

D3 - 2nd vs 3rd @ 9:45pm


Sunday, Feb. 16:

D2 - Consolation game (3rd place) @ 7:40am

D3 - Consolation game (3rd place) @ 9:50am

D3 - Championship game @ 1:40pm

D2 - Championship game @ 3:55pm

D2 Playoff Breakdown:

We now have two D2 regions: North and South, with five teams in each. Games against the other region still impact teams' standings in their region. We will take the top three teams from each region to fill the six playoff spots. The playoffs format will look like this:

  • We will have the second and third seeds face off on Friday in the quarter finals, crossing regions - N2 vs. S3 / S2 vs. N3 (the 1 seeds get a bye)
  • Saturday will be the semi finals. Since we will have two "1 seeds" coming out of the regular season, whichever team (North or South) has the best regular season record will determine who gets the higher seed for the purposes of playoff seeding. If there is a tie in records, we will use the below tie breakers.
  • Whoever ends up as the top 1 seed will play the lowest seed from Friday. In the event that Friday's games result in two 2 seeds or two 3 seeds advancing, whichever team has the lower regular season record would be the lower seed (it could be north vs north or south vs south at this point). 

Tie breakers for regular season standings

In the event that we end up with any ties in the standings after all league games, they must be broken to determine playoff seeding. These are only applied to DVCHC games that contributed to our 2019-20 standings.

1. Head to head competition;

2. Number of wins;

3. Fewest goals against in all DVCHC games;

4. Goal differential in all DVCHC games (max 10 per game);

5. Fewest penalty minutes in all DVCHC games; and

6. Coin flip by the Commissioner, called in the air by the higher seeded team. [if it comes to this, we would have to agree upon something equivalent for this one with the two tied teams, since I likely won't be able to see both teams together in person come Monday].