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The Season Begins

Across the DVCHC, teams have been reaching out, meeting new players and hitting the ice in their own unique style.
  • Meeting New Greyhounds

    "We hand an exciting first meeting with lots of new faces! Looking forward to an awesome, action packed 2nd season"
  • Sign Up to be Scarlet

    Rutgers gets Freshman pumped for hockey
  • American Hits the Ice

  • Navy Knows How to Photo

    "We hit the ice the right away in late August when we returned to school and have been working hard since then. Our numbers have continued to grow, largely due to the positive reputation the team has developed around the Yard. When we're not on the ice we've been spending our afternoons doing physical training outside and in the weight room conditioning for what will undoubtedly be a challenging but rewarding season!"
  • How to Goalie?

    "A person who catches in softball AND figure skates makes for a great ice hockey goalie!"
  • UMD Twitter Game is Strong

  • Hey You, Yes YOU AU

    "Our table brings all the girls to the Quaaaad, 'Play hockey? I totalh shod.'"
  • Terps Wash Cars

    "Great day for a car wash @terpshockey! Keep up the good work!" - UMD Sport Clubs
  • Varsity Tabling at IUP

  • UVA Hits the Ice

  • V is for Volunteering

    "Had a great day of volunteering in Philly for Father Tom and his church!"
  • Friendly Faces, Your Future Teammates

    "It's activities fair day! Calling all LoyolaMaryland women who play ice hockey, we want to meet you!"
  • First Time as a Hockey Player!

  • Towson Triangle!

    "We are excited to start the season with 4 new players who are all new students at Towson. We are also adding an alum player as an assistant coach to our staff. We have our team photographer and an assistant coach joining the DVCHC jobs/committees to improve the league and expand opportunities for both the players and teams of the DVCHC. The team cannot wait to start practice September 21st to prepare for another great season in the DVCHC! Our 3rd year is looking to be a good one as our team continues to grow."
  • Posting the Schedule at UPENN

  • Wildcats on Ice

    "We couldn't wait for our first practice so we got an ice slot and played today" - Nova
  • Gym Time

    "Killer workout tonight in individual stations to get us game ready!"
  • Great Gift!

    "New practice jerseys donated by a mom from the team. So excited to get on the ice tomorrow!"
  • Merchandising

    Towson offers some swag to fundraise
  • Dryland Games at AU

  • Nothing Says Hockey Like Tie Dye

    IUP's shirts say, "College, a game of loans" :)
  • Meet Rutgers Puck

    How could you say no to this table?!


The Season Begins

Across the DVCHC, teams have been reaching out, meeting new players and hitting the ice in their own unique style.