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East Coast Showdown & High School Showcase

Nov. 22-24, 2019 in Aston, PA



On Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019 at 1:30pm, the Women's DVCHC is excited to host another girls high school showcase at IceWorks in Aston, PA! This will take place amidst the annual East Coast Showdown, where 14 women's college club teams (12 of which play at the national level in ACHA women's division 2), will play games over the course of the weekend. Our hope is to introduce high school players to some of the many universities and colleges in the Mid-Atlantic region that they could attend for a great education, while continuing to play fun and competitive hockey without the full time commitment of an NCAA schedule. 

There are so many benefits and opportunities that can come from staying with hockey in college, something that many young women may not even realize is out there in so many forms, and we hope that having them meet, mingle and skate with some of these coaches and players will give them a new outlook as they embark on their college application and decision process!

Any female high school player is welcome to register and attend this event. The cost will be $40 per skater/goalie, which will include a practice jersey and one hour of on ice time, plus a recruiting/meet & greet event and introductions to all teams present at the tournament. 

High School Showcase Schedule

12:30pm: Check-in opens between Rink 3 and Rink 4. Players will be assigned a locker room.

1:00pm: It is recommended that all players have checked in by this time to get their jerseys and begin getting dressed. Full equipment is required. Don't forget to bring your own water bottle!

1:25pm: All players should be dressed and ready to get on the ice. DVCHC Women's Commissioner will address players in the locker room at this time and then everyone will head to the ice.

1:30pm: Players take the ice (feel free to skate around and warm up for a few minutes!)

Once on the ice, the coaches will direct the flow of the Showcase.

2:30pm: Players exit the ice to change.

Once changed, players should proceed to the room behind the restaurant (between rinks 3&4) for the recruiting event. Teams and representatives from the DVCHC and ACHA women's divisions will be present and eager to meet you and share information about their programs! 

East Coast Showdown 2019 Schedule

Friday (Nov. 22)

Time Rink Home Team Away Team
12:00pm Rink 1 Montclair Rowan
12:45pm Rink 2 Villanova West Chester
4:00pm Rink 4 Maryland UPenn
5:15pm Rink 2 Towson CalU
6:45pm Rink 1 George Washington SUNY Oswego
8:30pm Rink 4 Loyola Maryland Mercyhurst

Saturday (Nov. 23)

Time Rink Home Team Away Team
11:15am Rink 4 CalU Montclair
12:30pm Rink 1 UPenn Loyola Maryland
1:30-2:30pm Rink 4 HIGH SCHOOL SHOWCASE (on ice)
2:45pm Rink 1 Villanova George Washington
2:45pm Rink 4 Mercyhurst Rowan
2:45-3:45pm Between rinks 3 & 4 RECRUITING EVENT (off ice)
4:15pm Rink 2 Towson Maryland
5:00pm Rink 4 Slippery Rock Saint Joseph's
7:15pm Rink 1 West Chester SUNY Oswego

Sunday (Nov. 24)

Time Rink Home Team Away Team
7:45am Rink 3 Mercyhurst Villanova
9:00am Rink 2 SUNY Oswego Maryland
9:15am Rink 4 Saint Joseph's Slippery Rock
12:00pm Rink 1 CalU UPenn
4:15pm Rink 2 Loyola Maryland Towson
4:45pm Rink 4 George Washington Montclair
5:30pm Rink 3 Rowan West Chester

Participating ACHA Women's D2 Teams:

  • Villanova
  • Towson
  • Rowan
  • Loyola Maryland
  • Montclair State
  • Rowan
  • UPenn
  • Univ. of Maryland
  • West Chester
  • George Washington
  • CalU
  • Mercyhurst
  • SUNY Oswego
  • University of Delaware (just for the recruiting event)

Participating Women's DVCHC D3 Teams:

  • Slippery Rock
  • Saint Joseph's

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